Gourmet Dinner for 6 by Black Diamond Chef — 2018 Midnight in the Tropics

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Gourmet Dinner For 6 By Black Diamond Chef

Gourmet Dinner For 6 By Black Diamond Chef

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Black Diamond Personal Chef Dinner Party For 6 Guests at a Private Residence on Lake Shannon Suggested Menu: Guest welcoming: Champagne & Fresh Strawberries Amuse: Pan Roasted Duck Breast/Black Berry Chutney Cocktail Spoon / Pinot Grigio First: Rock Lobster Tail Salad on Garlic Toast Points/ Sauvignon Blanc Second: Indian Spiced Tomato Soup Garnished With King Crab Meat Island/ Chardonnay Third: Napa Mixed Greens Salad, Compressed Watermelon w/aged Balsamic Reduction/Chardonnay Fourth: 28 Day Aged Prime Tenderloin Filet, Gorgonzola Drizzle, Dill Fingerling Potatoes, White Asparagus/ Cabernet Sauvignon Fifth: House Made Chocolate Bag Filled With Cheese Cake Mousse, And Assorted Fruit, Raspberry Paint/ Vintage Port Organic Dark Roast Coffee Local, Clove Honey, and Sweet Cream / Chambord Sipper. All food, Wines, Liqueur is provided for 6 Guests/ Dates must coordinate with Chef's Schedule. Bidder/winner must be 21 years of age or older. Expires 2-10-19.