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Why use Datekeeper?

To get the absolutely highest amount of money possible through your fundraising event.

Sound Familiar?

Your annual fundraiser is coming up. A large percentage of your organizations budget comes from this event. As is the case every year, you try to gulp down the mounting tension that comes from planning and executing such a critical event. In addition to planning out the details of the event itself, you have to spread the word about, get people to buy tickets, and organize a slew of volunteers and prepare paperwork for the auction.

Maybe over the past couple of years your attendance numbers have remained steady. Perhaps they have even dropped. You wish there was an easier way to not only see your attendance numbers rise year after year, but see your proceeds generated rise as well. That is where we come in. By using DateKeeper, your positioning your organization to generate more proceeds year after year, all with less stress on you, the organizer.

How we help you

We offer you tools to maximize your marketing efforts this year and into the future, as well as resources to increase your proceeds generated. Here is a brief list of the areas we help you out in: