Increase Your Ticket Sales

Its time to sell out

A wide assortment of ticket customization and promotion options

Flexible Ticket Solution

Setup as many ticket types as your event needs, and offer your participants several ways to attend. Have tables of seats your selling? No problem, you can create a bundled ticket. Want to offer an early bird discounted ticket? You can set a availability dates for tickets you sell, priced at different levels. You can even assign free tickets to volunteers without offering them to the general public. Whatever your needs are, we got you covered.

No Cost or Low Cost

When selling tickets online, there is a small cost in convenience fees and credit card processing fees. You can choose to pass this cost onto your buyer, so that there is no cost to your fundraising event. Many people expect a slightly higher cost for purchasing tickets online. If you want your online tickets to be the same price as your offline tickets though, that is possible too. You choose how the fees are covered. Refer to our pricing to see how low our fees are.

All In One Place

We know that you have tickets sold in person as well as online. Often, this is a way many fundraising events sell their tickets initially. We encourage you to enter all of your offline ticket purchases as well, so that you not only have one place to track it all, but you have the complete list of attenders during checkin of your event.

Team Collaboration

You will need a group of people to help manage all the tickets as well as gain access to reports and access the checkin system on the day of the event. You can assign different permission levels to these members of your team so they can access what they need to when they need to.


At any point during ticket sales, you can export a report in csv format that can be easily opened with your spreadsheet tool of choice.

Streamlined Checkin System

Our checkin system has been developed with speed and efficiency in mind. Not only will you be able to verify attenders at the door with ease, but you can process payments quickly as well. We even offer plug and play credit card swipers you can rent as well to further decrease checkin time.

Automated Prompt Emails

Days before the event, all attenders who have not filled in all of their contact information are prompted to do so. This further reduces information you need to gather on event day during checkin.

Subscription Enrollment

All of our systems are tied closely together. Your attenders are enrolled in your subscriber list, meaning the next event you host can be emailed out to them.

Ticket Selling Buttons

Offer your online ticket selling choices on your site as well by including our "Buy Tickets" buttons. Simply copy/paste the provided code onto your site.