Market Your Charity Event Easily

This is what it is all about

A plethora of promotion choices for your event

Maximize Your Supporters

Reach new heights for your fundraiser by enlisting your existing supporters to spread the word. With today's technology, spreading the word is easier than ever, if you give people convenient ways to do so. Datekeeper's sole purpose is to provide your supporters with the means to share and invite your event efficiently. By empowering them, awareness of your event multiplies quickly.

Social Media Promotion

As you can see from our event promotion bar at the top, with the click of a mouse button visitors can post your event on Facebook or Tweet about it on Twitter, all without leaving the event page.

Facebook Invites

Have you ever tried inviting your friends to an event on Facebook? Its difficult! You have to select each friend one at a time, and if you have 30 friends you want to invite, good luck! On Datekeeper, you can invite all your local friends at once easily.

Email Blast Promotion

Familiar with iContact, or Constant Contact? You will not be needing those anymore. You get built-in email invitation capabilities for free with Datekeeper. Upload all your contacts once, and your all set to keep them in the loop.

Virtual Rewards Motivation

Give your supporters incentive to become advocates of your event with the help of our virtual reward system. Every action a user takes to promote your event gets recorded, and stated, on their profile as well as the event pages. Users love virtual rewards, and they will love promoting your event to receive that recognition.

Grow Your Supporter Network

With so many entrances for involvement in your event, your active supporters will grow, as well as your retainment of existing supporters. Actions visitors take that show interest and involvement in your event are remembers, and these individuals are added to your supporter network, allowing you to easily keep them informed of upcoming events.

Marketing Analytics

Do you wonder how well that radio spot or that newspaper article did for promoting your event in years past? Its now easy to see the impact your online and offline marketing efforts have with a simple traffic and interation timeline for your event.