Guides & Tips

Planning for the big day

Think of Your Objectives

What are your goals are for your guests? If you do this event routinely, you want to keep your attenders in the loop on the next one, right? You will want their contact information, captured either before the event, or on the day of the event. Once they walk out the door, you won't have another easy chance to get it. Do you want to have a smooth checkin process? Is there need for a checkout process? By answering these questions, you are forming the steps which lead to your planning steps to make your event a huge success. The key is to start planning at least 1 to 2 months before hand. In several cases, you will want to plan even before this, depending on your objectives. It is never too late to start.

Small Simple Events

Make sure to generate buzz about your event through Facebook and other Social Media channels. If you have a dedicated Facebook page, add a link to your posted datekeeper event from there. Make sure to include links to your event whenever possible. There are many easy ways for people to talk up your event this way. Be sure to write your own short endorsement of the event using the "Write" button. "Like" it and invite others to do the same. Make a game with your attenders for who can promote the event the most. Datekeeper tracks and gives these greatest contributors recognition.

Large Top-Notch Ticketed Events

From a marketing perspective, you will want to tap into every channel possible in order to hit your attendance capacity.

For Auctioned Events