Feature Summary Lists

So much to offer - In layman's terms

Community Calendar

  • Easy to navigate, color coded calendar service
  • Event overlap prevention notification system
  • Calendar overlays including professional sports and U.S. holidays
  • Hassle-free event publishing

Marketing Tools

  • Social media integration, including Facebook and Twitter
  • Event URL customization tool
  • Easily design and brand event pages
  • Event performance tracking data and charting tools
  • Unique Facebook invitation system
  • Event suggestion system filters users to similar events
  • Mass email eblast system
  • Virtual rewards incentive program

Ticket Sales

  • Ticket customization options including types, quantities, descriptions, and more
  • Purchase ticket links included with in event pages
  • Ticket performance tracking data and charting tools
  • Printable tickets with unique tracking numbers provided by DateKeeper prior to event
  • Mobile friendly check-in system allowing for easy entry at the door
  • No processing fees, ever

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