Live & Silent Auction Management

Creating smooth experiences at your event

Designed to meet every need your auction calls for

Item Management Simplified

Starting off, you will have a flood of smaller items, that you will want to bundle into larger packages later. This is no problem with Datekeeper. Items can be bundled into other items at any point in time, allowing you to focus on item acquisition, then later on item preparation. Specify live or silent auction types, item sections, and what progress step each item is at.

Bid Sheet Generation

Print your entire silent auction item list with a single click. They will be generated as one printable pdf document that prints the same on any computer. You can also print live auction item lists for the auctioneer and spotters to utilize from the print center.

Going Paperless

Bringing printers to your event is a hassle. Eliminate this complexity by going paperless. Winning bidder receipts are generated upon checkout when you receive payment for the items won. An email is sent to each winner automatically. No printer needed.

Donor Management

For each item you receive, a donation receipt and thank you should be tracked. Datekeeper can print or email these donation receipts to each donor for you. Additionally, you can track the kind of recognition each donor wants to receive for their contributions. See how many items each donor contributed in one list and export data for additional reporting or mail merging if you desire as well.

Winner Slideshow

Those potential winning bidders will want to know if they won that Cruise to the Bahamas. So what do they do? They start flocking to you every year asking if they won it right after the item was auctioned off, or the silent auction ends. Good news. You can easily setup a TV, projector, or computer to display a auction winner results slideshow. All you need is a computer with an internet connection and a display to do this. No more endless "Did I win this?" questions.

Checkout System

Perhaps the greatest source of challenge is the checkout process, where winning bidders want to come and pay for their items, get their items, and leave. Use our efficient checkout system to track who wins what, how much they owe, and send their receipts by email. You can accept cash, check, and credit cards through this system, as well as use our credit card swipers.

Pledges & Other Purchases

A well run auction fundraiser offers many ways to squeeze every dollar possible out of attenders. You may have a "Big Ask," or a raffle, or tickets to win some grand prize. You may have a photography area, or some other wonderful service to generate additional donations. Use Datekeeper to charge all these payments to their bidder number, and upon checkout charge their credit card one time, with all these items showing up on their emailed receipt. They will leave saying, "That was easy."