About Datekeeper

A brief explanation

Who We Are

We’re a team of tech savvy developers, designers, and marketeers working hard around the clock to create DateKeeper, a universal event calendar focused on serving charity organizations and communities through out Michigan!

What We Do

Enough about us, lets talk about you! Our mission is to help make your local charity and community events a success. By providing our unique event calendar service to communities across Michigan, we are able to dramatically increase awareness and exposure of your events while maximizing attendance through our one of a kind event overlap prevention tool.

Take Your Event To The Next Level

DateKeeper’s unique event calendar tools make it easy to design and customize event pages, share them on social networks, track exposure results, and plan around other charity and community events through out your local area. Don’t forget to take advantage of our easy to navigate event calendar which can be viewed in daily, monthly, or yearly formats, and even includes professional sports and U.S. holiday overlay options for more accurate planning.

Let Us Help You

See how DateKeeper can make a difference with your event success, get started for free today! Still not convinced? Learn More.