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Instagram for Event Planners & Nonprofits

Jun 11, 2012 by Laura Bachmann

Instagram, Social Media, Event Planning, Applications, Nonprofit

Taking great pictures at your event has never been easier. Instagram is a free photo sharing program and app for Android and iPhone, that allows users to take a photo, apply a digital filter to it, and then share it on a variety of social networking services, including Instagram's own network, Facebook and Twitter. In just 18 months, Instagram gained over 30 million mobile users and continues to gain more because of its recent buyout to the internet giant, Facebook.

The best way to develop an Instagram marketing strategy for your event is to find your designated photographer or mobile app savvy volunteer or employee. Create an account for your organization and begin to obtain Instagram connections. Here are the reasons why this can help promote your event and organization:

  • Reason #1: Let your event attendees help spread the word about your event or organization! Have them take their own pictures at your event and share them through their Facebook, Twitter & Instagram accounts. Encourage them to tag your organization's Instagram account or utilize the hashtag you have developed to help track your social media interactions.
  • Reason #2: Take advantage of the wonderful SEO benefits gained. By naming your Instagram photos with keywords that search engines can crawl and including tags using Instagram's editing features, event attendees will easily be able to find out about your event through organic searches.
  • Reason #3: Allow event attendees to find you by location! Instagram's geo-tagging gives followers an easy way to map where photos are being taken. This is helpful for event attendees and visitors to promote your event venue and share with friends where they are and what they are doing. They're also allowed to take an Instagram photo and upload it to their Foursquare account using the "check-in" feature, assisting with event promotion as well.

Looking for a few examples of nonprofits implementing Instagram into their marketing strategies? Be sure to check out Oceana and Charity: Water for great ideas and tips.