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Hey Nonprofits, Thought About Sticking To Your National Branding?

Jan 24, 2012 by Loni Pryor

Charity, Events, Nonprofit

For most, large brands like Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, and even Coca-Cola are easy to recognize companies and often can be associated with a tag line, logo design, and company description that for many are quite memorable.

The same holds true for large nonprofit organizations across the U.S. including the United Way, American Red Cross, and Salvation Army. With many of these organizations having large marketing budgets, and sometimes even entire marketing departments, they have been able to effectively create strong networks, and supporters of their cause.

Interestingly, many of these large nonprofits, have smaller sub branches through out various city and states across the nation who don’t always stick with their national branding or marketing materials. While its great to adapt to an area’s specific needs, some smaller nonprofits are missing out by not taking advantage of their nonprofits national brand, network, and supporters that are already in place.

In fact, why adapt to a different color scheme, tag line, and even unique logo design, when large nonprofits have these items in place? Capitalizing on a large nonprofit’s branding, marketing tactics, and national network is in any sub nonprofit branch’s best interest. Utilizing these readily available resources can save time, money, and prove to increase efficiency and success of small charity organizations across the nation.