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Ticketing System Nearing Completion

Jan 4, 2012 by Loni Pryor

Charity Tickets, New Features

Great news DateKeeper users! Our team has been working hard to perfect our new charity ticketing system, available completely free of charge to nonprofits across Livingston County and beyond.

The launch of this exciting new feature will occur in Jan 2012, and will offer an all-in-one solution for nonprofit event and fundraising coordinators.

Users can expect to take advantage of our easy to use ticketing system along with a variety of other unique features geared toward charity organizations including:

  • Event overlap prevention system
  • Reporting summaries including social media marketing, event count down, and guest list tallies
  • An all-in-one hub to organize ticket sales, proceeds earned, and more!

Be sure to stay tuned for the release of this exciting new feature list coming soon…