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Twitter Hashtags; Virtual Neon Signs

Jun 11, 2012 by Laura Bachmann

Hashtag, Twitter, Event Planning, Nonprofit

Top Tips & Reasons You Need to Use a Hashtag to Promote Your Event

Some of the greatest event and marketing campaigns have developed success by using a hashtag. South by Southwest Event, #SXSW, is well known for their hashtag and they have successfully integrated it into their promotional strategy and marketing materials.

Understanding What A Hashtag Really Is

Hashtags are words or phrases on Twitter with the # symbol in front of it and are utilized through out Twitter to organize Tweets into specific discussion forums. Mostly they are considered to be Twitter conversations. Example: #DKGetSocial, a campaign DateKeeper ran with The Salvation Army of Livingston County, used a hashtag which created a social title/label for the event and a specific Twitter discussion for the campaign.

Creating And Promoting Your Hashtag

Developing a catchy but specific hashtag for your event is extremely important. Creating the hashtag early in your promoting period allows for use in your event marketing materials and helps to get the word out about your event more quickly. Additionally, it empowers and encourages users to begin the conversation before the event date, generating event promotion on their own. Be sure to register your hashtag so there will be less outside interference from non-participants or a chance of another organization using your specific hashtag.

Why Use A Hashtag For Your Event

The answer is simple! Hashtags create another form of brand and event awareness. The reach through social media is endless and Hashtags provide a great outlet to get your event information out there. Just a few tweets from Twitter users can generate the large number of impressions and conversation you're looking to create. You can also organize your hashtag conversation after the event through various tools on the web.